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ECR Aviation Academy offers an integrated Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws (B.Com LLB) program, which combines the study of commerce and law. This program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of both disciplines, enabling them to pursue a career at the intersection of commerce and law.
Students learn about various aspects of commerce, including accounting, economics, finance, business law, taxation, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. Students gain insights into the legal frameworks that govern business transactions, corporate governance, and commercial operations. Practical training may include internships at law firms, corporate legal departments, or other legal organizations, providing students with practical exposure to real-world legal scenarios.

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Course Description

Upon completion of the B.Com LLB program, graduates have diverse career options available to them. They can pursue roles in law firms, corporate legal departments, accounting firms, consulting firms, government agencies, or non-profit organizations. Graduates may work as legal advisors, corporate lawyers, tax consultants, compliance officers, legal analysts, or pursue careers in business management with a strong legal background.
ECR Academy's B.Com LLB program aims to develop well-rounded professionals who possess a combination of commerce knowledge and legal expertise. The program equips students with the necessary skills, ethical values, and critical thinking abilities to navigate the complex legal and business landscapes. It prepares students for a successful career at the intersection of commerce and law, where they can contribute to legal and business decision-making processes.


  • Dual degree: The BCom LLB course combines two undergraduate programs, providing students with a unique combination of legal and business education
  • Comprehensive education: The course covers a wide range of subjects in commerce and law, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of legal principles and business practices
  • Practical exercises: The course includes practical exercises, internships, and moot courts that allow students to gain hands-on experience in legal research, analysis, and argumentation
  • Specializations: Students can specialize in a particular area of law or business, such as corporate law, tax law, international business, or entrepreneurship
  • Career opportunities: Graduates of the BCom LLB course have a range of career opportunities in the legal and business sectors, such as lawyers, legal advisors, legal consultants, corporate managers, business analysts, and entrepreneurs
  • Higher education: Graduates can pursue higher education in law, such as an LLM or a PhD, or specialize in a particular area of law or business


  • Higher Secondary Certificate (10+2) qualification in any stream from a recognized Board.