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Welcome to ECR Aviation Academy in Karnataka

In our country, aviation academies are sprouting like mushrooms without any control, The same is the case everywhere in the world, and there is a clear reason for that, the possibilities in the field of aviation are endless, it is so vast that there is no limit.

Needless to say, there are not many aviation academies that are committed to their students and guide them to a bright future, this is where ECR Aviation Academy comes into play, and it is an institution that excels in every sense.

Every student enrolled here is enjoying their study period and making their future better. It has everything that you would prefer from a quality aviation academy, ECR Aviation Academy is run in a very commendable manner in Karnataka, South India.

Our aviation management courses provide access to immense opportunities for students who are ambitious, energetic, and dream of a bright future. Let us tell you in a few words how we prepare each student. Safety is the top priority in our practice and we focus on ensuring the protection of human lives and valuable assets such as aircraft.

Effective training programs are quite different from many organizations of the same nature. Inculcates a safety-focused mindset in trainees, and equips them with the skills and knowledge to avoid risks and prevent accidents.

The primary objectives of aviation training are to assess pilot knowledge, judgment, and skill in critical flight and ground tasks, and to improve pilot performance in risk management, planning, and general aviation flight operations. People from many parts of the world, who have passed aviation management courses and got good jobs have called us and thanked us.

By prioritizing safety in training at ECR Aviation Academy in Karnataka, we ensure the protection of human lives and valuable assets like aircraft. Our training programs instill a safety-focused mindset in trainees, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to avoid hazards and prevent accidents.

The main courses offered by ECR Aviation Academy are BCA+ Aviation and Hospitality Management (AHM) and BBA+ Aviation and Hospitality Management (AHM). B Com + Aviation and Hospital Management (AHM).

The aviation management courses offered by ECR Aviation Academy in Karnataka are the best in every sense, the students who have passed out from here are all satisfied and they are working in India and many parts of the world.









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Our mission is to ignite the flames of knowledge within young minds, guiding them towards personal and professional growth. We meticulously design curricula that celebrate the diverse backgrounds of our students, employing simple yet effective teaching methods and providing top-notch academic support.

We aim to inspire practical thinking in our students, empowering them to make a meaningful impact on their communities. Our goal is to be a leader in shaping the future of education, making a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve.


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Get answers to common inquiries about our college with our informative FAQ section.

What is ECR Aviation Academy, and how does it stand out as a Aviation and Hospitality Management academy?

ECR is the first university approved aviation college in India. ECR introduced aviation course to Mangalore University in the year 2015 and ensured approval from government of Karnataka and UGC.
The value of the certificate ie; Aviation and hospitality management advanced diploma certificates help the students to getting placed in Airlines, Airport, cruises, hotels and multinational companies.
Hospitality management is an add on programme to develop the skills of degree students.
Most of our guest faculties are the senior employees of Different airlines and airports. We are providing internship,in airport to keep updating.
ECR gives individual attention to each and every student and the circumstances of ECR campus develop the students as a competitive candidates and we organise job fair and campus placement for students.
Defence, civil and commercial.
Exactly, in degree courses you just learn syllabus. In aviation training develop the students potential ie; excellent communication, personality, confidence, leadership quality and grooming.
20000 to 10 lakhs.
Of course , airport jobs gives happiness and dignity to girls. Also they can be the managers of airport and airlines.
It’s all about the study of airlines and airports and its operations.
3 years.
You can pursue aviation in two ways , first one is from a university campus you can ensure 3 year degree. After degree you can continue your education till PHD. Graduates will get good salary and promotion in their perspective field. The second one is training certificates gives you low level jobs only. The certificate is not enough to go for further studies and promotion.

Top Hiring Companies and Hospitals

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Aviation Industry as Career

The Aviation Industry is gaining a lot of Popularity these days. With the increase in the number of Aviation Collages, the demand for Aviation Professionals is on the rise. The short-term courses in aviation are a great choice for aspirants to learn .


Bringing your career in nursing to the next level through education programs

Nursing, a profession in charge of treating the ill, the injured, the disabled, and the dying constantly. Nursing continued as a desire to keep people safe and to give support and assurance to the ill without discrimination on grounds of age, size, color, nationality, religion, civil status, family status, sexual identity, disability (physical, emotional or intellectual) nurses respect all persons equally. Although the basic aims of nursing have remained largely the same over the years, ever-expanding research and changing societal demands have greatly shaped this profession as one of the evergreen professions of all time.


Changing lives of Students by Aviation Course at ECR

Aviation industry supports 87.7 million jobs around the world. This industry add value to the economy, enabling trade and expecting to grow significantly in the coming decades. Clubbed with hospitality management, a reputed university degree, add-on skill development, knowledge, training courses and right blend of industry we prepare our students to meet the needs of future job market.