Hotel and Hospitality


Demand for hospitality individuals keeps growing due to the continuous increase in the population. The efforts of the Indian government and various tourism promotion boards have made it possible for the industry attract a large number of foreign tourist to the country. Besides motivating a lot of domestic tourist movement.

If you like playing the host and care to make others comfortable, than hospitality is a good career choice. However, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. It requires a 100 percent dedication and a flare for adventure. The industry has many things to offer. A chance to travel, live in one of the most luxurious properties, witness exotic things and meet tons of people.

Types of jobs in hospitality

India has been attracting tourist since its colonial days. Due to improvement in infrastructure many places around the country today are releasing their tourism potential. The field is vast. In any part of the world except the poles there always scope to find a hospitality jobs. There different types of opportunities in hospitality:

  •    Hotel Manager
  •    Restaurant Manager
  •    Reservations
  •    Hostess
  •    Stewards
  •    Front office
  •    Front office assistant
  •    Counter sales executive
  •    Guest relation executive
  •    HR
  •    Sales
  •    Housekeeping
  •    Production

However, these are just a few positions one can be employed into. As India embraces modernity the standard of living keeps going up. This has fueled a demand for individuals well trained in taking care of various day to day aspects. From employment opportunities to the cooks to a concierge, all types of avenues are opening up.


Do not expect to keep a 9 to 5 work schedule. The need for your services maybe sudden and quick, hence one should have critical thinking and excellent communication skills. A pleasant personality takes you a long way. It is also important to network as you meet a large number of people. Dedication to duty and always fulfilling client needs are a priority. Grooming and presentation are the basic requirements. A good command over English should increase the chance for promotion. It is also important to keep the knowledge of current events, social and economic conditions.

Perks in hospitality

There are many things one can gain by working in the hospitality sector. From extraordinary experiences to pleasant ones. Opportunity to travel – jobs in the are available all over the world. Even on cruises that thread through the vast oceans of the earth. Hospitality gives you a chance to be a nomad. Traveling from one destination to the other. Meeting new people – while working one is going to meets all kinds of people. Artist, entrepreneurs, scientist, academics, writers etc. It is one job where dealing with people is a requirement.

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