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Why Is It Important To Study Business Management?

April 14, 2021

For a nation’s economy, the growth of businesses is extremely important. However, the processes involved in a business are complex. It is the way in which administration of a business is handled, which governs the success parameters of a business. There are numerous factors to be kept in mind while…

Why Aviation Industry as Career?

January 6, 2021

The Aviation Industry is gaining a lot of Popularity these days. With the increase in the number of Aviation Collages, the demand for Aviation Professionals is on the rise. The short-term courses in aviation are a great choice for aspirants to learn . Aviation industry covers a range of courses…

Bringing your career in nursing to the next level through education programs

January 3, 2021

Nursing, a profession in charge of treating the ill, the injured, the disabled, and the dying constantly. Nursing continued as a desire to keep people safe and to give support and assurance to the ill without discrimination on grounds of age, size, color, nationality, religion, civil status, family status, sexual…

Changing lives of Students by Aviation Course at ECR

January 2, 2021

Aviation industry supports 87.7 million jobs around the world. This industry add value to the economy, enabling trade and expecting to grow significantly in the coming decades. Clubbed with hospitality management, a reputed university degree, add-on skill development, knowledge, training courses and right blend of industry we prepare our students…

How do we ECR College of Nursing help young aspirants to achieve the next level?

December 14, 2020

Before you push your nursing career to the next level some key traits and qualities are required in all areas of nursing, regardless of the nursing profession you would like to pursue.   To provide a strong education for specialized training in nursing who can work in a variety of…

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