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Nursing, a profession in charge of treating the ill, the injured, the disabled, and the dying constantly. Nursing continued as a desire to keep people safe and to give support and assurance to the ill without discrimination on grounds of age, size, color, nationality, religion, civil status, family status, sexual identity, disability (physical, emotional or intellectual) nurses respect all persons equally. Although the basic aims of nursing have remained largely the same over the years, ever-expanding research and changing societal demands have greatly shaped this profession as one of the evergreen professions of all time.

This title provides the basis for defining the scope of nursing practice as follows -The variety of duties, tasks, obligations, and activities that a registered nurse is trained, competent, and approved to undertake is the scope of nursing practice. There was a phase when there were so few options for nursing practice when healthcare was based on hospital and bedside nursing. Career options are more varied today for several reasons, particularly BSc in nursing emerged as one of the best nursing courses.