The aviation industry has been growing at a steady phase. More and more people are able to avail the benefits of flying. This increase in demand has led to a growth of job opportunities. The pay scale in the industry is good and perks many. Choosing a career in aviation would be a smart choice.

There are various jobs requirements one needs to tick before even thinking of joining the field. A nack for travelling, patience, pleasant personality, grooming and communication skills. One should be adventurous and not shy of trying new things. You can meet lots of interesting people while working in the industry. The industry has a few cons but many pros to offer.

Types of jobs in aviation

Although the aviation industry has always marketed only the pilots and airhostesses, these aren’t the only jobs available. Certainly not the only lucrative jobs available.

  •    Pilot
  •    Air hostesses and
  •    Flight stewards
  •    Flight Dispatchers
  •    Factor Facilitators
  •    Flight Purser
  •    Ground Job
  •    Cargo marketing and management
  •    Cockpit resource management
  •    Customer relationship
  •    Crew synchronization
  •    Aviation administration and meteorology
  •    Attendance of flight
  •    Airline customer support

These are just a few examples. There are plenty more positions to be explored.

Requirements for the field

While working in the field it is essential to know how to deal with people and be open to new things. One must posses qualities such as calmness under stressful situations, patience, responsibility, self confidence, hardworking, stamina, commitment, team spirit etc. Working in aviation industry can be stressful sometimes especially under emergencies. To be able get through it safely, one must be able to use theoretical knowledge in practicality.


According to the data presented by International Air Transport Association (IATA), it is said that airlines are expected to see a 31 percent rise in the number from 2013 – 2017. That is 930 million more passenger in comparison to 2012. Job generation prospects are only going to increase. especially in emerging economies. Due to Low cost Carriers, many people are able to enjoy the benefits of air travel.

Economic benefits

The pay is good for even the freshers. After gaining some experience job the salary can be expected to increase. besides there is also a choice to travel as the aviation industry operates around the world. From the Caribbean to the land of the samurai. For an aviation industry operative, the world is truly their oyster. There are many other facilities that are offered by the employers. Leaves of various sorts can be availed.

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